Evaluation Kit

Operation Display|InfoSOSA

We have prepared for you an Evaluation Kit so you can check our InfoSOSA's function, operation, and usability.

Display checks and compatibility with other products can be easily and quickly validated and evaluated before the installation of the actual product, even for first time users. It can also be used for high mix-low volume productions, development researches, urgent necessities of small lots, and to determine development costs and budget reduction.

Operation Simulation/ Actual Device Validation/ Confirmation of Communication.

Simulate your desired operation screen with the accessory software. Significantly improve development efficiency since it will allow you to continue with development even in the middle of designing the micro-controller. You can also conduct an UI test to suit your installation.

"InfoSOSA Downloader" Lets You Download to Multiple Units All at Once.

You can download the screen data you created even in environments where you don't have the software. Validations can be done easily by anyone including those who do not have the software, and in places such as production fields. Software is included in the Evaluation Kit.

Supporting Steps from Planning to Mass Production.

We will support you through to mass production, even if it is your first time to develop displays and dramatically reduce your development time. Feel free to contact us.

Evaluation Kit Package Contents

  • ・InfoSOSA unit
  • ・Power/ Cable
  • ・InfoSOSA Builder (Screen Editing Tool)
  • ・InfoSOSA Builder User Manual *
  • ・Host Communication Test Manual *
  • ・Reference Manual *
  • ・Installation Guide/ Instruction Manual/ Product Specification *
  •  * Click here to download the recent version manuals.


Category Product Model
Harness for Power Harness for 5V Power ISCBL-S01-001
Harness for 24V Power ISCBL-S01-002
Cable for Download Cable for Download (SIO1) ISCBL-S02-001
Cable for Download (SIO2) ISCBL-S02-002
Cable for Download (SIO2) ISCBL-S02-003
Harness for Serial Harness for RS232C(SIO1) ISCBL-S03-001
Harness for RS232C(SIO2) ISCBL-S03-002
Harness for RS232C(SIO2) ISCBL-S03-003
Harness for RS422C(SIO1) ISCBL-S03-004
Harness for RS485C(SIO1) ISCBL-S03-005
Harness for Battery Board Harness for Battery Board ISCBL-S04-001
Harness for Battery Board ISCBL-S04-003
Battery Board Battery Board IS-BT-01
Mounting Angle Mounting Angle for 3.5" IS-TK-02
Battery Replacement Battery SW-BT-01



  • Embedded Linux
  • Windows Embedded Compact 7
IS Series
EM8 Series
Smart e-Solutions
Smart e-Solutions

※Smart e-Remote will be coming soon.






for Operation Screen Development


Sample Kit