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Site Policy (Terms of Use)

All contents provided in this website including articles, pictures, audio, programs, etc. are provided by Seedsware Corporation solely for the purpose of providing information. By browsing our website, you shall be deemed to have read and agreed to the below Terms of Use. If you cannot agree to this, please refrain from further browsing. All contents and information contained in our website are protected by copyright laws and restrictions. You may not duplicate, transmit, distribute, modify, or use any articles, pictures, designs, and logos in whole or in part for purposes other than printing or saving any of the items strictly for your personal use or without prior authorization. We do not guarantee in terms of function, quality, or accuracy of the contents in our website and/or any data linked directly and /or indirectly to our website. We will not be held liable in any way for any damages caused by using the data in our website and/or data linked directly and/or indirectly to our website. We reserve all rights to modify or delete any articles or data in our website without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

-Handling of Personal Information

In order for us to provide information and services to you accurately and quickly, we will ask you to provide us information about you. We are committed to protecting any information provided and with respect to this website, your personal information will be handled and protected in accordance with the Privacy Policy set forth below.

-Collecting of Personal Information

For you to be able to access to services in our website, we will ask for you to provide us personal information such as e-mail address, phone number and other types of identity and contact information. These information will be necessary when you make inquiries concerning our products and services. Application and purpose of use of all personal information collected from our website will be clearly defined and used in an appropriate manner.

-Purpose of use

The information we collect from and about you will be used for the following purposes:

  1. For you to be able to use our services.
  2. To notify you of necessary information upon using our website.
  3. To inform you of our product information, events, special offers, latest news and other information.
  4. To send you surveys in order for us to develop and provide you better products and services.
  5. If you wish to no longer receive notice, let us know and we will refrain from sending them.
  6. To make use of it within the range of your consent.

-Disclosure Policy

1. The personal information provided by you will not be disclosed or provided to a third party unless otherwise in the following situations.

  1. ) When we have your consent to disclosing the information.
  2. ) When we disclose the information in a way that an individual cannot be identified, such as in a statistical information or aggregated data.
  3. ) When it is deemed that an inquiry from a customer concerning products, repairs, or services can be more appropriately responded by an affiliate, distributors, or any other of the third party that maybe involved.
  4. ) When we are requested to disclose personal information according to the law or other regulations.

2. We will request our affiliates, distributors, or other party as mentioned in 3) and 4) for their fullest cooperation on protecting your privacy. Also, we will provide to a third party only the information necessary for the particular scope.


We send e-mails to our registered customers to inform them the latest information of our products and services. If you are our registered customer but do not wish to receive these notifications, please fill out this form below and let us know.

-Improvements and Modifications

We strictly follow the Japanese laws and regulations concerning the protection of the private policies and at the same time will review our policies continuously to revise it from time to time as necessary to reflect our continuing improvements.

Notation based on a Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Seller Seedsware Corporation
Name of Supervisor Susumu Wada CEO
Administrator Susumu Wada
Postal code 594-1144
Location 3-7-16 Techno-stage, Izumi-shi, Osaka
Phone +81-725-51-1110
FAX +81-725-51-1103
Address 3-7-16 Techno-stage, Izumi-shi, Osaka
How to Order Homepage, E-mail, Phone, Fax
Quotation Effective Date Within 7(seven) days from date on quote. Note: cannot be held.
Delivery To the location specified by customer.
Shipping After confirmation of payment
Confirmation of Product Confirm actual product at our company office, and/or by open information mail.
Payment Cash or bank transfer
Returns Generally cannot be accepted
Postage for Returns Paid by customer