Embedded Computer

Compact Industrial Computer, Ideal for Embedding with Reliability Oriented OS and Long Stability.

Environmental resistance optimized for the FA Environment

Write protection(Data protection with editing and deleting measures), HDD-less for anti-vibration and continuous operation, Fan-less for power saving and continuous operation.

IP65 rated drip/dust proof performance *1

Designed based on FA, it's protection performance will allow you to use it in harsh environments without having to worry about drips or dust.

Cover lens for superior weather resistance *2

We have improved weather resistance by changing the surface cover lens to glass. It could also withstand areas with harsh environment change.

Operation possible even with gloves on (Applies to All Series)

Electrostatic capacitive type (EMG series) touch panels as well as resistance film type (EM series) can be operated with gloves by adjusting the sensitivity of our originally developed controller. *3

Standard based. Versatility that allows for it to be used in various applications

We offer business system solutions with high affinity with OS for x86 and ARM platforms.

Free mounting style for any equipment

You can choose from VESA Mounting、Panel Mounting (Bezel Frame)、Panel Mounting (Open Frame).

Application development that complies to gesture operations

With an OS that supports multi-touch gesture functions, you can create an intuitive operating screen just like smart phones and tablets.

*1 Applies to EMG, EM7 *2 Applies to EMG *3 Some gloves may not apply depending on type and usage environment. Please contact us for details.

Application Examples

Used in various areas and fields

Case 1)Production Control

Process Control or manual and working chart check at production and/or logistic sites.

Case 2)POS Terminal

Cash register in supermarkets, convenience store, hotels, gas stations, drug stores, and restaurants.

Case 3)Equipment Tool

Operate with gesture as HMIs of equipment. Increase work efficiency with intuitive operations.

Case 4)Building Management

Network monitoring, building equipment, displaying of institutional guidance information and escape route during disasters.


EM Model「G」

With the EM Model G, a more intuitive operation is possible by multi-touch gesture, just like a smart phone.




EM Model「G」